Welcome to the 31st International Conference on Photochemistry

It is our great pleasure and honor to welcome you to the 31st International Conference on Photochemistry (ICP2023) which will be held in Sapporo city in Hokkaido, Japan, during July 23-28, 2023. The ICP has a deep tradition, with the first ICP held in Brussels, Belgium in 1962. In Japan, the ICP conference has been held in Tokyo (1965 and 1985), Nara (2003), and now returns to Japan again after 20 years.

The ICP2023 has 9 session topics: Fundamental Photochemistry and Photophysics, New Frontier in Ultrafast Photochemistry, Photochemistry Using Nano- or Micro-structures, Photochemistry for Biology and Medicine, Photochemistry towards Carbon Neutral, Photocatalytic Reaction, Spectroscopy of Single Molecules, Nanostructures, and Small Domains, New Concepts and Methods in Theoretical Photochemistry, and Photochemistry for Photonic Devices and Biophotonics.

For these sessions, we will welcome 12 plenary speakers and about 14 keynote speakers who are all world-leading scientists with the state-of-art research profiles. Also, ICP2023 plans to involve more than 200 oral presentations including 50 invited talks and will have 2 poster sessions.

Sapporo is a beautiful city and summer is the best season to make a visit. Moreover, easy access is available from Tokyo (about 2-3 flights every hour). You can enjoy the very best of topical photochemical science and combine it with a fascinating stay in Sapporo.

We really look forward to meeting you all in Sapporo this summer.

Yours sincerely,

Yasuyuki Tsuboi
Hiroaki Misawa
Chairs of ICP2023, on behalf of the local organizing committee